Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Is it hot where you are? oh, I bet it's always hot where you are...yummy boy! Well, it's been plenty hot here and humid! Makes me want to run away to the beach or go skinnydipping with some well hung young stud! I did go swimming at a friends pool the other afternoon but then her husband came home and she got mad when he said he wanted to fuck me, so that was that...dang it!
I would love to have you call me during the holiday w/end, if you do I will give you a little discount for keeping me company. You are always asking if I will give you some free time, well, how about if I give you some free time this way, instead of paying me $2.50 a min, how about I accept $40 for 20 minutes? that's saving 50cents every single minute! How can you possibly resist me now? You know where I am, I'll be around all w/ call me, I am horny and ready to go!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Daddy, is that you?

Most of the time I 'play' mommy or auntie but in honor of Fathers Day I would love to be your little girl. Daddy, do you need some extra loving today? Can I sit in your lap and squim around the way you like? For some reason that makes me very My pussy is swelling up right now just thinking about some sexy voice on the phone telling me to pull down my panties and let daddy see my little peepee...
How about calling me up and the 2 of us getting wicked together? I am still offering that w/end Blogger special...20 of the hottest minutes you will have for only $40...
Happy Fathers Day out there...You know you are loved...SMOOCH

Friday, June 16, 2006

cum 4 claire!

my website in case you can't find it is

hello you sexy thang!

Well, I know I have been bad...not blogging like a good girl. You know there has been this big push to blog if you want to be a successful phone girl. Well, I am so busy with my hot callers that I don't have time to blog much...So sorry!
I have been feeling guilty lately about not doing the blogger more so I promise starting today I will do better!! The summer has started and I have a new fella who comes to fuck me now and then so if you come back you might find some sizzling sexy stories to go along with my hot ass pics...
Now, what can you do to get some of my nice tight, juicy pussy? Well, you could start out by calling me! Have you seen my website?
is where you will find me with LOTS more pics! And when you do a 20min call from now until Labor Day I will send you a picture of me by snailmail and your call will only cost you $40!! that saves you $10 off my normal charge! woohoo!! Wonder why I'm willing to discount my time? Well, I turned 52 in May and I'm fucking HORNY...hornier than ever!!