Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hot Tub Anyone?

I do love a hot tub, don't you? I also like to mess around with photos, can you tell?
So, something interesting happened last week. I had company here and a client called... I excused myself to do the call! The guy on the phone asked me to let him know what I sound like sucking a cock! Since there was one right out in the other room, I said well, do you really want to find out? Some of you get so possessive and jealous at the thought of me having sex with someone in person, I thought I should be careful. Well, this guy was ALL into it, turns out he had fantasies of me making him blow some guy...So, I went out and said, I need your cock for about 10 minutes and before he could say, WTF, I had it in my mouth and started doing my thing!
Now you know me, there is nothing I like better than going down on a stiff cock and listening to a guy moan and was FANTASIC! Not only was there a cock being stroked in my ear but I had a sexy man on the sofa making some pretty hot sounds too!! I sucked on it until my caller blew his load and then hung up and sucked those balls and cock until I had a huge load in my mouth of the sweetest, warmest cum ever!!
So, wanna call me now? I'm offering 10 minute topless cam shows all week for $40 and 5 minute quickie phone sex only calls for $12.50 so let's get busy! Be sure and mention my specials so I bill you right!

Love you baby!

Karibeth xoxoxo
Please have your billing information ready when you call....
regular rates: $2.50 per/10min minimum phone sex only
3.00 per/10min minimum phone sex/cam (me dressed)
4.00 per/10min minimum phone sex/cam (me topless, soft core only)
Billed to your Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover Discreetly, of course!
I also accept debit cards with Visa/MC logos and prepaid cards!

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