Saturday, March 02, 2013

Workout Sex

I decided after being cooped up in the house over winter I would find a personal trainer to help me firm up my legs. I need to be ready for summer and a great set of legs is the only way. I tracked down through some friends an old school chum that does personal training on and off site. I decided to give him a call, not even thinking weather or not he remembered me or even knew who I was. 
He remembers me and we chit chatted about what we’ve been doing on and off during our lives. I told him what I was looking for and I need firm great legs for summer, and with spring right around the corner I needed to get started. We set up a time to go over to his place over the weekend and he would give me the grand tour.  I was quite impressed; he had free weights and mats for Calisthenics. He had a bench with resistance bands said this will be where you will start. He told me to sit down on the bench and he would give me a quick demonstration. I parked my ass on the bench and leaned back against the back rest. He told me to grab the handles, so I did then he wrapped leather straps around my wrists. I asked what that was for he replied so I don’t slip during the work out. I said oh and didn’t think anything of it until he looked at me and grabbed my spandex and started pulling my pants off. I said what are you doing, he replied this is the best way to firm up your legs and give you a great set of thighs. He removes my pants and grabs me by the ankles and pulls my legs up and hooks each in to a resistance strap. There I am strapped in and my leg pulled back and secured. 
He tells me now this is where the work out begins. He starts running his hands down my legs and across my thighs.  He starts kissing them and running his tongue down my thigh. I can feel my thighs starting to tighten up as he starts working his way between my legs, and goes down on my not so expecting pussy. My legs jump and the resistance bands pull me back up.  He wraps his mouth around my lips and starts sliding his tongue across my clit and into my love canal. My lips swell and my thigh start to quiver and he is eating my out like a starved wild man. I start to buck and the bands pull my legs back giving him unrestricted access to ravaging me. He grabs me by the ass and lifts me up slightly. My legs are in a complete and uncontrollable spasm. He takes my completely by surprise as if it was the coup de grĂ¢ce and slid the tip of his tongue across my rim.
My legs explode and dart out across his face, and yet again are snatched back my pussy is ready to explode he completely consumes me and send my now hot creamy pussy into a complete orgasm. I grab the handles my knuckles are turning white and my eye close and all I can think about is drowning him in my creamy pussy juice, but like the consummate professional is suck every drop of my sweet love cum. Stood up and wiped his face and said how that was for your first work out.  As he released my legs from the bands and my hands from the handles, I could barely stand up, my thighs were still quivering.  Needless to say I do believe I will be going back for more.

All Calls are $2.50 for first 10 minute block. Billed as
AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.