Monday, November 11, 2013

Phone Sex Vets
Now, I want you to stop looking at my nice full breasts for just a minute and look at my silky smooth legs. Aren’t they nice and long? And, you know that I love to wear stockings and garters; don’t they look sexy? Can you imagine sliding your hands up the silky stockings and then touching my smooth skin? Even better, imagine running your hands up and down my creamy thighs while you’re licking me…what do you think of that? I know that I’d like to have these legs of mine wrapped around your head.


And, as you climb on top of me, you know that I’d wrap my long legs around you and pull you nice and deep inside me grinding against my wet love spot. Or, even better, I could push you down onto your back and straddle you – you’d be able to feel these stockings pressed against your legs as I ride you until we both explode!

All Calls are $2.50 for first 10 minute block. Billed as
AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.