Saturday, July 04, 2015

4th July Phone Sex Special

Mature Phone Sex

So, my little adventure was very fun! A good friend of mine (a guy of course!) and I headed up north to visit another guy friend of mine. Just so you know, a while back I was having regular threesomes with these two guys and they enjoyed each other as much as they enjoyed me! The purpose of our little rendezvous was to hit up a swingers club. It was such a great time!

It wasn’t my first time there, but it has been a while. It was a wonderful time! I ended up fucking not only my two guy friends, but a few other guys and even a few girls! What a perfect night! We finally left very early in the morning and headed back to our hotel where we continued our little party!

How about you and I have a little fun of our own? I’m always hot and ready for you when you call and I just know that we’ll have a great time together! I’ll even tell you more of my erotic adventures from the past week if you’re curious!


All Calls are $2.50 for first 10 minute block. Billed as
AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.