Saturday, June 15, 2013

Phone Sex Weekend

Looking for a hottie to tell all your nasty thoughts to? Call me up and lets see how good we can cum together. It is the weekend and this girl is sooo horny I am about to burst! What I need is to get fucking laid! I need to swallow some cum and I wont be satisfied until I have drained your balls for ya! I am 100% real, a sexy, older woman with a pussy that needs some, what are you waiting for? 


Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Art of Eatting Pussy

Phone Sex With Claire
There is an art to eating pussy, and lets face is some of you have it and some of you don't.  Nobody's good at everything so if isn't where your skills lie, then give me a call, I will guide you through the fine art of pussy eating. If you're a stud and have the shag down I'm always in the mood for a good lick of the clit.


All Calls are $2.50 for first 10 minute block. Billed as
AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.

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