Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Phone Sex

Mature Phone Sex

Goodness, I’m sorry its been so long since I last posted! As you can imagine, things have been very busy this time of year. Numerous holiday parties, trips to the post office and lots of shopping, in addition to talking to all of you sexy guys has kept me very busy.

Can I tell you a secret?

There is something about the holidays that always gets me so horny! Not sure if it is the cool weather or what, but this time of year I’m practically insatiable!

Last week, I was lucky enough to go to a wonderful holiday party with the amazing Auntie Barbra! As you can imagine it was a great time! After spending time with her, I can totally see why her callers are so very devoted to her. 🙂 She is just fabulous.

I’ve gone to some other holiday parties as well and let me tell you that I’ve been a bit of a naughty girl! After being so very nice all year long, I’ve suddenly started being very naughty and I like it! 🙂 I’ve had so much sex the past 2 weeks and I’m still wanting more. And you know what they say, a good phone fuck is just as good as the real thing so call me and lets fuck over the phone.



All Calls are $2.50 for first 10 minute block. Billed as
AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.